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Words and structure
Choose the correct options and fill in the gaps.

Working at the local hairdresser's

First of all I had to (has to/had to/must) write an application to a company to ask if I could do my work experience there. I applied for a job at my local hairdresser's because (while/because/there) I didn't want a boring job at a supermarket. It must be a lot of fun (funny /funnier/fun) to give somebody a real stylish haircut. Well, it was not as interesting as (as/than/like) They didn't let me (let me not/didn't let me/not let me) And in the evening my feet (food/feet/feed) got a minute to sit down during the day. Before I started my brother had asked me: "How much (many/few/much) money will you earn?" I said: "What (What/Who/Where) do you think? I don't get any money!" However, I found out that hairdressers don't earn a lot of (few/many/a lot of) money. That's why I do not want to become (become/ get/learn) a hairdresser.


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