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Words and structure
Choose the correct options and fill in the gaps.

The lost cat

Blacky the cat came (come/came/coming) back to her owners after two years. They thought they would never see her again (at last/again/away). She was in the garden when someone stole (stole/stolen/steal) her. An animal rights organization found (founded/found/find) her when they heard about people treating a cat badly (badly/well/bad). The organisation scanned the cat for (with/to/for) a microchip. The cat had one. Thankes to microchipping a lot of cats and dogs have (are/were/have) been found. Unfortunately, animal organizations have to find new homes for many animals because there (their/it/there) is no way of (with/on/of) finding their owners. Hopefully, in the future all pets will (won't/will/would) have microchips.


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