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Forms of to be

Fill in ...

Henry is() a student. He is() a good teacher. We are() busy. You and Mary are() sisters. The door is() closed.  I am() tired now. This is() a good exercise. Mr. and Mrs. Ashing are() English. We are() brothers. I am() happy. You are() a good student. She is() a good friend. Mary an I are() good friends.

Dear Kate,
I am() on holiday in Soller in Mallorca. Today the weather is() fine, the wind is() nice and coll. Swimming and surfing, enjoying the sun, I can tell you this is() fun. I am() glad that there is() no school and I am() happy that we are() here but my friends are() so far away and I really miss you, dear.

Love from Mallorca
yours Brenda

My name is() John. I am() a boy. Jane and Betty are() sisters. They are() from London. What is() your brother’s name? Lee. Where are() your pencils? They are() in my satchel. Who is() your teacher? Mrs. Thompson. How old are() you? I am() ten. Are() you English? No, I am() not. I am() German. Are() they lemons? No, they aren’t(). The are() oranges. Am() I in time? No, you aren’t(). You are() late.

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