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Words and structure
Choose the correct options and fill in the gaps.

With a little help from your friends

Do you cheer up (on/up/in) your friend when he or she is down? Do you notice when he or she looks (looks/look/feel) sad?

Does (Do/ Did/ Does) your friend feel better after (where/although/after) you have talked to him or her? Then you really are a good friend. What can you do to make your friend feel (feel/feels/felt) better? You can suggest doing some sport or take your friend to (at/in/to) the disco. Going for (to/on/for) a walk often helps, too. When I am sad I phone (spoke/phone/chat) people I haven't met (met/meet/forgotten) for a long time. My grandmother always says, "Don't worry, be happy." And that's what I do (do/don't/didn't). Grandmother's advice can help everyone who is sad.


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