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What about you?


My name is Emily and I’m twelve. I’m from London. My favourite colour is blue. My hobbies are dancing and skateboarding. My favourite thing is my mobile phone!

I’m Luke, I’m twelve and I’m from Plymouth. My favourite thing is my green bike. So my favourite colour is green, and my favourite hobby is riding my bike. I like playing games too.

I’m Jenny. I’m thirteen and I’m from Manchester. My hobbies are reading and watching TV. I don’t like sports. I like the colour yellow. My favourite thing is the big TV at our house!

My name is Tom and I’m from Plymouth. I’m eleven. My favourite colour is red. My hobbies are playing football and games. My favourite thing … it’s my football!

Fill in ...

Verschiebe die grünen Felder oder Bilder mit der Maus in die richtige Lücke.

Emily: I’m twelve. I'm from London. I like blue. My hobbies: dancing.

Luke: I’m twelve. I’m from Plymouth. I like green. My favourite thing is my bike.

Jenny: I like yellow.

Tom: I’m eleven. I like redI like my football.

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