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Words and structure
Choose the correct options and fill in the gaps.

Man helps a dolphin

Dolphins are (is/are/will be) are friendly animals which are loved by humans. Three weeks ago, a group of people were diving in Hawaii when a dolphin appeared (appears/has appeared/appeared)The animal swam close to (tight/close to/narrow) one of the men in the group. He saw that the dolphin could not move very well (well/good/better) because it was tangled in a fishing line. The diver thought about how (who/what/how) he could help him. The dolphin was (is/was/ were) calm and it let the human free it. A tourist took a picture of (by/to/of) the moment. "Dolphins are the most fascinating (most fascinating/more fascinating/fascinating) animals in the whole world," said the man in an interview. "They are much nicer than (like/as/than) whales. They are more intelligent and (or/and/because) very trustful." The man is really sad that dolphins are still killed in Japan because of their (those/there/their) meat.


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