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Words and structure
Choose the correct options and fill in the gaps.

Verschiebe die grünen Felder oder Bilder mit der Maus in die richtige Lücke.

Turn off your TV

A new study reveals that watching less television may lead to a longer life (life/live/lives) life Sitting in front of the television may be (be/been/being) relaxing. However, spending too much (many/much/most) time in front of the TV may shorten your life. That's what (who/where/what) Australian researchers found out. They collected TV viewing information from more than 11,000 people older than (as/than/then) 25 years. They discovered that people who watched an average of six hours of (by/on/of) TV a day lived an average 4.8 years less than those who didn't watch any television. They also found out that every hour that participants watched after the age of 25 was associated with a 22-minute reduction in their (our/your/their) life expectancy. It's no mystery (mystery/misery/problem) that sitting in front of the TV isn't healthy. If you don't get (get/got/gets) enough exercise, you will probably develop diseases such as heart problems. The lead author of the study states that watching (looking/watching/seeing) TV also lowers life expectancy because of the poor diet that junk-food advertising can promote. He says that it might make sense for doctors to start asking their patients (patients/pupils/people) about how much time they spend in front of the TV.


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