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Words and structure
Choose the correct options and fill in the gaps.

Verschiebe die grünen Felder oder Bilder mit der Maus in die richtige Lücke.

A diary entry

Dear diary, I must tell you about the most amazing (most amazing/more amazing/less amazing) mosh amazing thing. It has been (had been/has been/was) three days now since I made my last diary entry. A lot of things have happened. Three days ago (For three days/Since three days/Three days ago) I met the girl of my life. It all started last Monday. It was 9 o'clock, the first lesson at school, when suddenly the door opened (opened/had opened/has opened) opened and she walked in. I saw her and I fell (fallen/falling/fell) I think she is the most beautiful (most beautiful/more beautiful/beautiful) girl in the world. And she is not just attractive but also (too/also/and) very intelligent. I'd love to talk to her. How (Who/How/What) can I do that? I am not ugly, but I don't look like (as/than/like) Robert Pattinson either. Maybe I can invite her for an ice-cream. After all, I got (bought/paid/got) my pocket money yesterday. And if she likes me, maybe we will go (will go/have gone/had gone) to the cinema next week.


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