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A student from Germany

Read the text and match the pictures with the texts.

Sarah is a new student at Eggy. She’s from Germany. She talks to two students in her class, Ginni and Jim.

Sarah:   Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m from Germany.
Jim:       Hi, Sarah, welcome to our class. My name is Jim.
Sarah:   Hi, Jim.
Jim:       And this is Ginni.
Sarah:   Hi, Ginni. How are you?
Ginni:    Fine, thanks. I like Germany.
Sarah:   Yes, it’s great, but England is great too!

This text matches with picture: (!A) (B) (!C)

Ginni: What about the uniform?
Sarah: My school in Germany has no uniform.
Ginni: Cool!
Sarah: But I like the uniform.
Ginni: Oh no, I don’t like it.
Jim: I like the colour. It’s great. What’s your favourite colour, Sarah?
Sarah: I like yellow, and you?
Jim: My favourite colour is black.
Ginni: I like red and blue.

This text matches with picture: (!A) (!B) (C)

Jim: What about school, Sarah? What’s your favourite lesson?
Sarah: My favourite lesson is English. I like German too. What’s your favourite lesson?
Jim: I like science.
Ginni: Science is OK, but my favourite lesson is PE.
Sarah: Good, I like PE too!

This text matches with picture: (A) (!B) (!C)

Who’s from Germany?

(Sarah) (!Jim) (!Ginni)

Who likes Germany?

(Sarah) (!Jim) (Ginni)

Who likes England?

(Sarah) (!Jim) (!Ginni)

Who thinks the uniform is a nice colour?

(!Sarah) (Jim) (!Ginni)

Who likes science?

(!Sarah) (Jim) (!Ginni)

Who likes PE?

(Sarah) (!Jim) (Ginni)


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